Profilo™ Redefines How Businesses and Customers Engage!

Analytics and Behavioral Tracking will never be as accurate as a customer telling you exactly what they want.
Profilo™ helps businesses build stronger relationships between brands and customers at every point of interaction, creating a long trustworthy relationship throughout the customer’s life cycle.

Intelligently Simplistic. Artistically Designed

Enterprise technology designed to be intuitive and easy to use for both the users and customers of your business. Innovation and advanced technologies boost engagement and deliver amazing results.

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Profilo™ Key Benefits:

Micro Data Engagement

Micro Data Engagement

Take the guess work out of marketing campaigns. Engage Highly Filtered Data with Non-Generalized Content to targeted individuals.

Campaign Delivery

Campaign Delivery

Manages and delivers impactful campaigns with just a few button clicks, no matter the customer’s digital device, with a 90%+ opening ratio.

Pinpoint Precision

Pinpoint Precision

Engage customers with exactly what they want, delivering targeted content based on the customer’s unique preference. Stop Generalizing Your Customers!

Multichannel Approach

Multichannel Approach

Engage your potential and current customers through our marketplace, mobilty, sms, social media referrals and email.

Profilo Marketplace

Profilo Marketplace

Not only does Profilo help you engage your customers, new customers can find your business through the Profilo Marketplace within our mobile app. Amazing

Advanced Dynamic Engagement

Advanced Dynamic Engagement

Our Advanced Dynamic Engagement delivers Mind Blowing Content including Video, Graphics, Digital Content and more, to our campaign manager by-passing SMS limits.

Micro Conversations, Micro Transactions and Micro Data

As technology evolves, so does culture – taking big data, big generalized campaign content, and big audiences – extracting micro data, and delivering filtered content to individuals – brings BIG REWARDS.

Boost Revenue
Gain Consumer Insight

Profilo’s™ multi-channel approach ensures that consumers and businesses alike are constantly engaged and relevant for the right reasons – brand awareness, perpetual engagement and revenue generation.

Reach new customers through our Marketplace, “Social Media Referrals” from your customers, Delivery Impactful and Mind Blowing Digital Campaigns through our Advanced Dynamic Engagement Technology – Breaking the Barrier of SMS and MMS… REALLY


Two Revolutionary Cloud Editions

Bridge the gap between your business and consumers, increasing consumer engagement, slashing marketings costs and boosting sales through its unique consumer profiling and content delivery technology.



The Cloud Edition is for Everyone! Just Sign Up, Simple Wizard Setup, Import Data, Define User Profile – Voilà – Profilo Mobile Apps, Marketplace, Customer Portal and more…



Do you need Profilo on your network? Do you need custom API’s? Do you want to run your own system for your clients? Enterprise is the edition you need. Profilo Enterprise is helping businesses take a step into the future…

Playing Nicely with Others

We are not looking to take over the world… Or replace David’s prized software application he purchased 8 years ago… We just want to play nice and share data – We can do this with our App, Import – Export Features and Custom API’s for the tricky stuff.



Sticks and Stones will Break Our Bones…

People are always going to have something to say, so we figured. Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way.

“Profilo – Is the 1st cloud customer engagement platform that delivers the promised goods. It made us relevant to our customers!”

Profilo is the best applied engagement solution we have seen so far. We successfully, have been using it to boost our new businesses and customer retention.  It is above all else, easy to use ”
– Marcos Sakamoto – IT Services Solutions GM – NEC Latin America

Profilo is the tool we have been looking for to stay relevant to our clients and their customers. It provides our agency with a set of tools that will make us stand out in front of our competition!
Fernando Guntovitch, The Group - Worldwide Partners
Easy to use and understand, it has opened several new business doors for our company. Our clients are happy with the possibility of finally being able to truly engage their customers!
Monica Navarro, Newdbase Database Marketing
Smart Engagement technology has helped us to be more relevant to the market. Its Profilo cloud platform provides us with a cutting edge content deliver ability.
Douglas Pombo, Inviron Technologies

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